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Hyperion Support I Need : Proactive vs. Reactive Managed Services


A good Hyperion managed services partner should be flexible enough to offer you multiple options to meet the needs of your environment and applications. But first, you must decide what those needs are and how best to address them. Certain jobs and functions can be automated — others cannot. Let’s review some of your options.

Reactive approach

After getting set up with a managed services ticket portal, you will open tickets as issues arise. Need a new user set up with Smart View? Mapping updates required in FDM? Translation issues in your HFM application? These are examples of unforeseen needs you will need an experienced Hyperion managed services team to assist with and resolve.

Since you can’t predict the future, it’s difficult to anticipate how many issues will come up on a monthly basis, but if history is any indication it will probably occur at a critical time. When scoping out your Hyperion managed services needs, some factors to keep in mind are:

  • The number of users for each of your applications
  • The number of environments you need supported (e.g. Production, Test, Disaster Recovery)
  • Any future plans to enhance your applications, such as building new Financial Reports or overhauling your Essbase hierarchy

Your Hyperion managed services provider can help you determine your support needs and the length of time required to resolve these issues. Having a managed services team in place is an insurance policy providing piece of mind that no matter how complex your issue appears to be, they will jump in and get you back on track.

Proactive approach

Your Hyperion applications require periodic maintenance and updating — recurring activities that need to be completed on a scheduled basis, whether daily, weekly, or monthly. Your Hyperion managed services team can work with you to schedule the frequency and dates of completion for these tasks and perform them for you.

For example, you may need substitution variables updated each month. These and other tasks can be scheduled tasks that are entered into the managed services ticketing system, and your Hyperion service delivery manager will receive a notification when each task is due to be completed. You can also choose to be notified when each task is completed to help you sleep better, knowing Essbase is updated with the right month and your FP&A team can get started making adjustments to the next forecast in your Planning application.

What level of support do you need?

A thorough scoping session with your Hyperion managed services partner will help you determine your mix of support needs and whether they can be scheduled (proactive) or not (reactive). Identify the recurring activities for your Essbase, Planning, or HFM applications and work with your managed services partner to have them scheduled. You should also consider allowing for unscheduled monthly tasks.

Another consideration is external hosting of your Hyperion solution. As Oracle continues to prioritize cloud-based software such as Planning in the cloud, or PBCS, hosted managed services is an option many companies are moving towards.

US-Analytics offers managed services for every level of support, from reactive ticket-based support to HPRO+, a proactively managed and hosted Hyperion solution. Download our services guide to learn more.


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