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Your Questions, Answered: OneStream XF

Whether you call it enterprise performance management (EPM) or corporate performance management (CPM), the industry is changing. A big part of that...

Using Excel to Get the Most Out of OneStream

Nothing will stop organizations from using Excel, and OneStream gets that. The XF Office Blend delivers a unique Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and...

3 Methods of Automating Cash Flow in OneStream XF Software

Corporate planning is not one size fits all — organizations have a variety of techniques to choose from today based on their specific needs and...

OneStream XF: Drill Through and Drill All the Way Back

Whether you’re shopping around for an EPM solution or looking to switch over to a new solution — OneStream’s drill-through capability is the...

The Latest Trends in EPM

The market for financial EPM solutions is changing. There’s an undeniable shift to the cloud, where functionality can be easily updated and there are...

OneStream XF People Planning: What You Need to Know

One of the perks that comes with choosing OneStream as a CPM platform is the growing number of free out-of-the-box solutions available for licensed...
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