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The importance of modernizing your archive strategy is paramount.

Solutions & Services

Staying ahead in business today requires the ability to manage and decipher complex data quickly and efficiently.
US-Amplify, a US-Analytics company, has been a leading solutions provider for the migration, archiving, and services marketplace for a decade - whether upgrading existing capabilities, protecting your email, or more complex requirements such as migrating your email archive or moving to the Cloud.
As a trusted service provider, US-Amplify has successfully completed hundreds of implementations in the Commercial, Educational, and Local/State/Government markets.
US-Amplify provides a compendium of services to advise, implement, upgrade, and support the applications that enable financial departments and organizations to be faster, better, and more productive.


Experienced and certified, US-Amplify consultants utilize industry-leading software to migrate customer data to the Cloud with less user interruption and providing full audit “chain of custody” compliance. US-Amplify’ s team is with you from start to finish.


Whether archiving email files or critical data files, US-Amplify provides intelligent software and certified expertise to optimize our client’s archiving capabilities.

Azure Cloud

Based on client requirements migrating to the Azure Cloud, US-Amplify provides data management capabilities native to Azure, enhancing the search/load performance of data in the client’s Azure Cloud, including audit capabilities associated with “eDiscovery” tools and applications.


US-Amplify provides the analytics solutions required to quickly spot past trends, answer critical business questions, and make adjustments for future success. Utilizing today’s analytical technologies, we provide results for the key applications/departments that run your business.

Managed Support

Our support services are customized to your requirements, based on your suite of applications and administration needs. A dedicated team provides the flexibility of support with performance based on SLAs at a fraction of the cost for internal resources.

Performance MGT

Our experience brings the expertise, technology, and methodology to deliver results for financial application requirements; from developing a strategy and roadmap to final results, US-Amplify delivers for our clients.

The Complexities of Information Archiving

Your organization produces massive amounts of data year after year which must be securely archived, managed and searched for compliance and legal discovery requirements.  We understand the problems with these legacy archiving solutions. Administrative complexity, lack of scalability, poor performance and costly storage are just a few of the hurdles we can address to optimize your information archive requirements.

  • Ease of administration, scalable storage, compliance
  • Ability to search/manage unstructured data
  • Fewer support calls, maintenance

Modernize Your Cloud Archive Strategy

Your organization may find that a migration to the Cloud is only the initial step in modernizing your Archive Strategy. Strategies for secure and scalable storage, robust e-Discovery, seamless access for records management and compliance plus vendor flexibility can deliver the strategy you require.


  • Full chain of custody, compliance
  • Flexible storage costs
  • Native Cloud security, capabilities

Client Success Stories

We pride ourselves on making business easier in an information-saturated world by helping companies connect with the true meaning and magic of their data.

Case Study: Baylor Scott & White

Leading US College of Medicine Stays HIPAA and FERPA Compliant as It Migrates to Microsoft’s Cloud

Case Study: Linbeck

Construction Company Future-Proofs its Email Records by Moving to the Cloud

Case Study: Liberty Health

Protecting the Health of Your Email Records Data Vital to Future eDiscovery Needs is Preserved During Archive Move

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Enhance your business resilience.

Be better prepared for any future situation with secure and seamless archive.

As you migrate, your organization might need to make several decisions about how to deal with a range of challenges, including:

  • Where to move messages relating to deleted shortcuts
  • What to do with mailbox content belonging to ‘leavers’
  • How to preserve retention policies and other classifications

Download our Vendor Selection guide to view what crucial questions you should be asking your email migration vendor.