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The November updates for Oracle's Account Reconciliation Cloud Service (ARCS) are here. In this blog post, we’ll outline new features, fixed defects, and considerations.

We’ll let you know any time there are updates to ARCS or any other Oracle EPM cloud products. Check the US-Analytics Oracle EPM & BI Blog every month.

The monthly update for Oracle ARCS will occur on Friday, November 17 during your normal daily maintenance window.

eBook: The Complete Guide to Account Reconciliations


Account Reconciliation Cloud no longer supports migration of snapshots from the latest service version to an earlier service version (for example, when moving snapshots between test and production pods during the window when test is upgraded before production.)

Migration between the same versions will still be supported. Some objects, such as Profiles, may still be moved from the latest to an earlier version outside of migration snapshots by exporting them from the latest service version and importing them into the earlier version.

Integrations Between EPM Cloud Services

Financial Consolidation and Close Cloud Service (FCCS) and Tax Reporting Cloud Service (TRCS) customers who have subscriptions to multiple EPM Cloud services can create connections between services and enable integrations between these EPM Cloud services using Close Manager functionality. The pre-built and end user integrations enable customers to perform tasks within FCCS and TRCS that access other EPM Cloud functionality. For example, you can create end user integrations in FCCS to an ARCS environment, so that users can easily monitor reconciliation status from FCCS tasks. Pre-built integrations and end user integrations are provided within Close Manager for the following EPM Cloud services:

  • ARCS
  • Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (PBCS)
  • Enterprise Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (EPBCS)
  • FCCS
  • TRCS
  • Profitability and Cost Management Cloud Service

Changes to the CSV Version of the Provisioning Report

This release reverts the changes made to the CSV version of the Provisioning Report in the September monthly update (17.09) so that it now lists the application roles that are mapped to the predefined identity domain roles assigned to users. It also lists the groups to which users are assigned, even if the group is not assigned to any role. For example, if the user is assigned the Service Administrator role, the CSV version of the report lists one row for each application role mapped to the Service Administrator role.

Reusing Target Application Names

Data Management supports the registration of target applications with the same name multiple times. This feature enables you to take an existing target application and assign it a unique identifier. It addresses the requirements of customers who must manage identical target applications in multiple cloud and hybrid deployments and environments.

A target application with a prefix name is not backward compatible, and cannot be migrated back to a 17.10 or earlier release. Only target applications without prefix names can be migrated to an earlier release.

Fixed Defects

Defect Number  Description
26942187 Toolbar sizing corrected so that buttons are not pushed into pop up menu.
26938395 Auto close of null balance reconciliations has been corrected.
26912959 Ability to load transactions with no zero before decimal point allowed.
26877418 Sorting account profiles based on organizational unit working properly.
26866877 All data source types are now correctly displayed in the drop-down for data source while defining a match process.
26843496 Generating a report binder from Reconciliations worklist is now working properly.
26803889 Email notifications are now being correctly sent from the System account.
26103153 Auto Match for a many to 1 rule is now matching the proper number of transactions.



  • When using EPM Automate, log out and log in again after importing a Financial Close Management (FCM) snapshot to refresh the icons on the Home page.
  • You may receive inaccurate messages from Navigator if pop-up blockers are enabled. Disable pop-up blockers in your browser to avoid this.
  • In the Academy, some pages and icons may appear different in the video than the Cloud service.

eBook: The Complete Guide to Account Reconciliations

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