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The September updates for Oracle's Account Reconciliation Cloud Service (ARCS) are here. In this blog post, we’ll outline enhancements, updates, and considerations.

We’ll let you know any time there are updates to ARCS or any other Oracle EPM cloud products. Check the US-Analytics Oracle EPM & BI Blog every month.

The monthly update for Oracle ARCS will occur on Friday, September 15 during your normal daily maintenance window.

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Account Reconciliation Cloud no longer supports migration of snapshots from the latest service version to an earlier service version (for example, when moving snapshots between test and production pods during the window when test is upgraded before production.)

Migration between the same versions will still be supported. Some objects, such as Profiles, may still be moved from the latest to an earlier version outside of migration snapshots by exporting them from the latest service version and importing them into the earlier version.

Maximum Allowed Attachment Size Increase from 10MB to 20MB

In Reconciliation Compliance, an administrator can set the maximum allowed attachment size up to 20MB in System Settings.

Automating Application Snapshot Uploads

While submitting feedback, Service Administrators can consent to submit the last maintenance snapshot of the instance to Oracle to expeditiously troubleshoot the issue and test fixes. 5 Oracle uses the submitted application snapshot for testing purposes only; no changes will be made to the application or data. If you consent to submit the maintenance snapshot, Oracle automatically copies the log files and maintenance snapshot to the sftp server

Selecting Identity Domain

The sign in process no longer requires you to select an identity domain while accessing the service. To simplify the sign in process, the name of your identity domain is now derived from the URL that you specify.
Note: This is an Oracle Cloud enhancement, which may already have been rolled out through Oracle Cloud data centers.

Support for Single Sign-On Using Oracle Identity Cloud Services (IDCS)

You can configure single sign-on (SSO) access to Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud using Oracle Identity Cloud Services (IDCS), which provides a comprehensive cloud-based identity management and security platform that supports a universal set of access controls, permissions, and password security constraints.

Configuring SSO requires you to configure a SAML 2.0 link between Oracle Identity Cloud Service and Oracle EPM Cloud.

Integrated Business Process Navigation Flows

Service Administrators can set up connections that enable users to navigate across Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud subscriptions to create unified business process flows across multiple subscriptions which can belong to any combination of EPM subscriptions. The following subscriptions are supported within this feature:

  • Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud (PBCS)
  • Oracle Enterprise Planning and Budgeting Cloud (EPBCS)
  • Oracle Financial Consolidation and Close Cloud (FCCS)
  • Oracle Tax Reporting Cloud
  • ARCS
  • Oracle Profitability and Cost Management Cloud
  • Oracle Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud


Connections can be created using any of the following services as a source for the connection:

  • PBCS
  • FCCS
  • Oracle Tax Reporting Cloud

All EPM service subscriptions can be connected into from these source connections. Connections can also be created between subscriptions of the same service type. Following connections are supported with this feature:

  • Connections where services are in same domain within the same data center
  • Connection across multiple subscriptions when services are in different domains and different data centers if an identity provider is set up for federated SSO
  • Connection across multiple subscriptions when services are in different domains within the same data center will be supported in a future update.

New Rest APIs, Copy Snapshot

You can now use a REST API to copy an application snapshot.

Simplified Provisioning Report

This release includes an enhanced Provisioning Report that provides a concise view of the roles assigned to each user. In addition to providing the number of provisioned users, the enhanced report presents information on each provisioned user in one row so as to provide a comprehensive view of all assigned roles.

Removal of Support

File-based Integration of Data Management with Oracle Fusion Financials Cloud

Oracle Fusion Financial Cloud Budgetary Control and Encumbrance Accounting is now fully integrated with Data Management. This enhancement brings the integration of Oracle Fusion Financials Cloud with Oracle EPM Cloud on par with the current, out of the box, file-based integration. As a result, the file-based integration is not supported starting this update.


  • When using EPM Automate, log out and log in again after importing a Financial Close Management (FCM) snapshot to refresh the icons on the Home page.
  • You may receive inaccurate messages from Navigator if pop-up blockers are enabled. Disable pop-up blockers in your browser to avoid this.
  • In the Academy, some pages and icons may appear different in the video and the Cloud service.

eBook: The Complete Guide to Account Reconciliations

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