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The Top 5 BI Downloads of 2017

At US-Analytics, we’re always looking ahead, but we also realize looking back is important for continual growth. It was a big year for us. We acquired BI firm Rittman Mead America Inc., extending our business analytics expertise and offerings.

This means you can expect even more BI resources coming in 2018 — so keep an eye out. For now, you can check out our most popular downloads from 2017 to help you prepare and jumpstart a successful new year.

5. eBook: How to Connect OBIEE and Tableau with Unify

Did I mention we acquired Rittman Mead America? With that, we added a new portfolio of products and accelerators to help you enhance your BI tools.

This eBook covers a product we’re especially excited about — Unify. This eBook tells you how combining the most comprehensive BI tool (OBIEE) and the most user-friendly BI tool (Tableau) can improve your data consistency and increase user adoption across your organization.

Explore the connector


4. Case Study: Retail Chain Implements OBIEE & Agile Processes to Focus Analytical Talent

This case study truly embodies what we can do during a BI project. United Supermarkets, a Texas-based retail grocery chain, faced a slow BI system that couldn’t provide the organization with answers that coincided with their strategy. They needed customized reports, data quality, and better visualizations, all while decreasing the amount of time IT had to spend on the BI tool. US-Analytics stepped in with an agile and time-saving solution.

Learn about the project


3) eBook: Improving OBIEE Performance

Everyone knows how complex OBIEE is — and if you don’t, your performance might be suffering. This eBook is a step-by-step guide to ensuring the best possible OBIEE performance. It gives you a methodical approach to performance testing and shows you how to optimize the tool to prevent future problems.

Improve your performance methods


2) Should I Use Canned Reports or Ad-Hoc Analysis?

It’s easy to fall back on ad-hoc analysis when you would really save time by automating a report.

To help you maximize efficiency, we created a flow chart allowing you to quickly see which option is better for any given task. The flow chart also gives you a refresher on the nuances between canned reports or ad-hoc analysis.

Get the flow chart


1) White Paper: Best Practices in Data Visualization

We’ll probably never stop talking about data visualization when it comes to BI. It continued to be a hot topic for 2017 because of the power that graphics hold — they’re easy to understand and you can communicate a lot of information easily and efficiently. This white paper tells you how to make the most effective visualizations and prepare an impactful dashboard.

Create the best visualizations

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