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This year, we created more content than ever before to help you get the most out of your EPM investment. We looked back at all the eBooks, tools, webinars, and checklists to see what you loved most.

10. Webinar Replay: Never Spend Time on These HFM Tasks Again!

A major focus for 2017 was how to make your life easier. In this webinar, we talked about tedious HFM tasks you can offload so you can focus on more pressing and important projects. Oilfield services company Key Energy shared their experience in offloading these HFM administration tasks.

Learn the HFM tasks you can offload


9. Comparison Chart: Hyperion Smart View vs. Essbase Add-in for Excel

This comparison chart is for folks who are about move off the version of Essbase onto a version where the Essbase Spreadsheet Add-in is discontinued. Several new features were added to Smart View to help in the transition. The chart shows you how Smart View stacks up and even exceeds what you expect from the Essbase Add-in.

Compare the functionality


8. Templates: EPM/BI Roadmap & Initiative Matrix

Having a strategy behind your EPM and BI initiatives is essential to success. This set of templates will help you to get your priorities straight and stay on the right path:

  • Initiative matrix
  • Simple ranking matrix
  • Complex ranking matrix
  • Roadmap
  • ROI Calculator

Get the templates


7. eBook: To Move to the Cloud or Stay On-Prem?

Oracle made quite a few announcements and big decisions this year. With the new knowledge that Oracle would release a new on-prem version in 2019, but keep focusing on cloud enhancements, many organizations faced a difficult choice: “Should we stay on-prem or move to the cloud?” This eBook guides you in your decision, explaining both options in detail so you can decide on the best move for your organization.

[CTA – Weigh your options]

Weigh your options


6. Webinar Replay - PBCS vs. Hyperion Planning, Part 1: Using the Simplified Interface

We saw a lot of changes in 2017 — one of those being a farewell to workspace. PBCS support for workspace ended in December and, while many versions of Hyperion Planning still support workspace, you’ll have to use the simplified interface if you upgrade to In this webinar, one of our planning experts shows you what it’s like to use the simplified interface.

Watch the demo


5. Checklist: Documenting Your Hyperion Environment

Organizations with Hyperion frequently face the pain of poor documentation. Admin turnover or a nightmare managed services provider can leave you with bad documentation or worse — none. That’s where the checklist comes in. It includes more than 70 questions that will help you document your applications and processes.

Start documenting your environment


4. How to Guide: Documenting Hyperion Planning, Essbase & HFM

This guide pairs well with the checklist. It includes tips for admins in documenting Hyperion Planning, Essbase, and HFM. Whether you’re looking at getting started with documentation or improving your documentation, this eBook can help.

Improve my Hyperion documentation


3. PBCS Project Planning Toolkit

The Oracle EPM Cloud is still new compared to the history of Oracle’s on-prem EPM solutions. This toolkit gives you an idea of what a PBCS project looks like. It also includes a time-to-deploy estimator, allowing you to customize your plan and estimate your timeline.

Plan my PBCS project


2. eBook: Top 10 FDMEE & ODI Tutorials

There’s a reason why this eBook is number two on the list. The comprehensive guide includes more than 100 pages of step-by-step tutorials and tips straight from our experienced EPM integration consultants. With it, you’re on the road to becoming an Oracle EPM integration guru.

Get the tutorials


1. HFM Metadata Utility ( and Later Versions)

Meet our most popular download of the year. This handy tool allows you to import HFM metadata files (.app format) into Excel to review, edit, and export the content back to a file to load into HFM. Have an older version of HFM? Use this utility.

Start editing HFM metadata files in Excel

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