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FDMEE Jython code re-use with Modules

I recently worked on large scale data integration project with a requirement to notify the calling web-based application of a successful GL data load...

Jython Script vs. VBScript for FDMEE: Keeping Your Options Open

From time to time Oracle releases an EPM product that, as a developer, causes you to pivot. 

The first release of FDMEE in 2013 was one such product....

FDMEE Tutorial: 10 Steps to Using a Source Adapter Parameter to Filter Data


Financial Data Quality Management Enterprise Edition (FDMEE) and Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) are useful products with an abundance of features....

FDMEE Tutorial: How to Install PSE 22506614

In my previous blog post FDMEE Map Monitor Reports (Finally!), I demonstrated how to enable this new functionality included in FDMEE patch...

Tutorial: FDMEE Map Monitor Reports (Finally!)

One of the features missing in FDMEE to achieve parity with FDM Classic is Map Monitor Reports, which for numerous clients is a key internal / SOX...

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