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Two Minute Tutorial: How to Access the OAC RPD

In this two-minute tutorial, I’ll walk you through how to access the OAC RPD in two methods…

  • Accessing it through the Admin Tool
  • SSH into the server

Accessing the RPD Through the Admin Tool

First, download and install the admin tool from the link below.

After installing the tool, Open Administration tool and click on the red folder.

access oac rpd_1

Type in the following information:

User – administrator user or someone setup as POD Manager in the application roles in IDCS


Cloud – bootstrap

Host name – Public or Private IP address assigned to instance.

Port Number – 9704

Note: You’ll need to uncheck the SSL checkbox.

access oac rpd_2

access oac rpd_3

You can download previously downloaded RPDs, rather than using “in the cloud.” Just click on the checkbox next to “Use previous download.”

access oac rpd_4

Note: This will only open a local copy of the RPD, which is why you publish it when you make changes to put it back into the cloud.

To push it back into OAC, go to file > cloud > publish.

access oac rpd_5

You can save the RPD offline as a repository or an XML file.

access oac rpd_6

It will use the password you signed in — you need go back and change the password.

access oac rpd_7

access oac rpd_8

SSH into the Server

Another way to download an offline copy of the RPD, is to SSH into the server itself.

Note: You will need the IP address and the private key to use SSH into the server. The default user for OAC instances is opc. Putty is shown here.

Since opc is a read-only user, change to the oracle user to access application folders. Type the command ‘sudo su oracle’.

access oac rpd_9

Once you are the oracle user, then navigate to the scripts folder. Type the command ‘cd /bi/domain/fmw/user_projects/domains/bi/bitools/bin’.

access oac rpd_10

From the scripts folder run the following command to create a copy of the live RPD. Type the command ‘./ downloadrpd -O /tmp/givemeaname.rpd -SI bootstrap -U <youradminuser> -P <youradminpassword>’.

access oac rpd_11

access oac rpd_12

This will put the RPD in the /tmp/ directory, where you can then download using FTP or WINSCP.

Note: Don’t forget to change the permissions of the file (chmod 777 /tmp/givemeaname.rpd).

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