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Angela Wilcox

Angela Wilcox is a Senior Solutions Manager at US-Analytics, specializing in Oracle Planning Cloud products, including PBCS and EPBCS.

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PBCS Tutorial: Managing Access Control Groups Using a Bulk Process

I recently came across an issue that could be potentially very time-consuming for PBCS/EPBCS users. What if you updated 500 Access Control Groups, but it's not what you wanted? How can you make them go away (in bulk)?

In this quick tutorial, I'll give you step-by-step instructions on deleting access control groups in bulk.

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PBCS & EPBCS Tutorial: Using Functions in Smart View

I was recently trying to get the HsGetValue Function to work for a customer and wanted to be able to code either Private or Shared Connections. However, I couldn’t locate documentation specifically for PBCS. Additionally, the documentation examples I found in Oracle’s Documents had some challenges.  

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PBCS Crash Course for Planning Admins (Free Training)

If you’re moving from Hyperion Planning to Oracle’s Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (PBCS), you’ll find that being on the cloud is just one of several major differences. If you bought PBCS after August 1, 2016, then you’re on the new simplified interface rather than what was previously referred to as “workspace.” If you purchased PBCS before then, you’ll be forced to adopt the simplified interface in December.

Because of the differences between the simplified interface and workspace, we often get questions from admins and users who are unfamiliar with where to click to accomplish the same thing. It may be a task, a setting, or how to see the result of the operation you just ran.

In this blog post, we’ll cover four examples of changes between the simplified interface and workspace.

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