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Self-Service Data Transformation: Getting In-Depth with Oracle Data Flow

In part one, I talked about the common concepts and goals that Tableau Prep and Oracle Data Flow share. In part two, I looked at a brief overview of both tools and took an in-depth look at Tableau Prep.

In this third post, let's dive deeper into Oracle Data Flow.

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Self-Service Data Transformation: Getting In-Depth with Tableau Prep

In part one of this series, I shared an overview of the common concepts that Tableau Prep and Oracle Data Flow share as well as a brief look at the tools themselves. In part two, I want to take a more in-depth look at Tableau Prep and share my experiences using it.

In my first example, I have three spreadsheets containing data collected from every World Cup Match from 1930 to 2014. One contains detailed information about each match individually.

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Self-Service Data Transformation: Intro to Oracle Data Flow & Tableau Prep

In the world of self-service analytics, Tableau and Oracle Data Visualization are two tools that are often put on the same discussion platform. In the last year, the conversations surrounding these two tools have increased dramatically — with most of our clients using self-service analytics. In this blog, I am not going to do a comparison rundown between Tableau and Oracle DV. What I do want to show you is two similar tools which introduce exciting new possibilities: Tableau Prep and Oracle Data Flow.

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UnifyBI Community Edition: Free OBIEE Tableau Connector

Posted by Nicholas Padgett   |   OBIEE,   |   Tableau,   |   Oracle Analytics Cloud,   |   UnifyBI

Typically, issues that arise with your enterprise software require costly solutions, but occasionally you’ll find something that’s both helpful and affordable.

UnifyBI, the Tableau to OBIEE connector, is now available in a community edition and free to download. That’s right, free. So, what’s the catch? It doesn’t come with all the bells and whistle of the paid versions, but it will still help the community of Tableau and Oracle BI users solve their biggest problems.

This blog post will cover the issues the Community Edition helps solve, installation, as well as how its features stack up to the UnifyBI Professional Edition and Server Edition.

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How to Connect Oracle BI and Tableau [Free Tool]

Posted by Nicholas Padgett   |   Business Intelligence,   |   OBIEE,   |   Tableau,   |   Unify

If you have Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) or Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC), you’ve  spent a lot of time honing either of these solutions. Whichever tool you currently use, we can probably agree that they're two of the most powerful BI tools for large enterprises.

After all the time and work spent optimizing your Oracle BI solution, it’s frustrating when end users in various departments start using Tableau to build your reports. Tableau is a great, user-friendly tool, but OBIEE has something Tableau doesn’t (we’ll get to that a little further down).

The feuding between Oracle BI and Tableau doesn’t need to go on — you can use these tools in harmony. In this blog post, we’ll explain the differences between these tools, why you should connect them, and how UnifyBI, the Tableau to OBIEE connector, can connect them with relative ease.

Psst, want to skip the explanation and download the free OBIEE-Tableau connector? Go ahead:

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