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Resources for HFM Administrators: Top 10 Tools, Tips, and Tricks

As an HFM administrator, you’re tasked with maintenance of metadata, monitoring consolidation practices, managing data integration, and much more. A lot of responsibility rests on your shoulders. Because the success of your organization’s close process depends heavily on you, we’ve compiled our most popular downloads to help lift some of your burden.

10. Tutorial: Currency Translation in HFM

Currency translation is one of the most confusing parts of an EPM system. As an HFM admin, it’s important to understand the intricate accounting requirements — each tool handles this process differently, and distributing results across various systems can be tricky. This tutorial will help you become a currency translation expert with the following information:

  • An introduction on accounting translation for non-accountants
  • A detailed review of the different methods HFM and Essbase use to translate currency, while highlighting the capabilities and weakness of each tool
  • An examination of the challenges you’ll face when building a multi-currency EPM system

Understand Currency Translation in HFM 

9. HFM Patch Test Checklist

HFM admins are tasked with patching HFM and applying patches to Hyperion servers. Patches should be installed during the period right after close — and right before you start preparing for the next close. This will help you ensure your environment is up to date during the hectic month-end close process.

The HFM Patch Testing Checklist is a tool you can keep handy to remind you of the 33 items you should test to verify that the patch does not break something that’s currently working.

Download the Checklist

8.  Presentation: The HFM Equity Pickup Module

This tutorial will take you through the unique challenges of guarantor/non-guarantor financial statements and how the Equity Pickup Module can help you solve those challenges. You’ll learn how the EPU Module works, see implementation examples, and go through several code examples. You’ll also get tips and recommendations based on the experience our expert HFM consultants have working with EPU.

Start Working with the HFM Equity Pickup Module


7. Tutorial: Lifecycle Management for HFM

In this tutorial, HFM developers and administrators will get an overview of Lifecycle Management for HFM. You’ll learn how LCM works and where it fits in relative to other tools available, like the Database Copy Utility.

Learn About LCM for HFM

6. Presentation: Integrating HFM with Essbase, Planning, and More

Integrating HFM with Planning or Essbase can present a huge challenge during an EPM implementation. HFM admins need to remember that HFM consolidations are unique — there are key differences between how HFM handles data vs. Planning and Essbase. You’ll need to make design decisions that will allow you to easily share HFM translations and eliminations. This tutorial will also offer design alternatives and help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of those alternatives.

Discover Best Practices for Integrating HFM


5. White Paper: Supporting Multi-GAAP Requirements with HFM

HFM administrators have several ways to address IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) and multi-GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) reporting solutions. In this white paper, you’ll learn four different ways you can modify HFM to support multi-GAAP requirements.

Learn 4 Ways to Support Multi-GAAP with HFM

4. Webinar Replay: What's New in HFM

The most recent release of Hyperion’s EPM tools,, brought a lot of changes. If you’re an HFM administrator upgrading from an older version of HFM, then this is the video for you. If you’re wondering what’s new in HFM, the answer is — everything. In this 30-minute overview, you’ll see a demo of all the new enhancements.

See the HFM Enhancements

3. Presentation: Data-driven Rules in HFM

It’s essential for every HFM administrator to know how HFM processes data so you don’t end up with any unintended consequences, like a data explosion. In this presentation, you’ll learn how HFM processes data and why you should be using data-driven rules. You’ll also get to see some data-driven rules at work in real-world examples.

Start Using Data-driven Rules

2. White Paper Series: HFM Maintenance & Administration

In this series of white papers, we provide tips to use throughout the month to ensure the close process runs smoothly.

HFM Pre-Close Tasks:

Part 1 goes over five pre-close activities that are proven to save time and reduce errors in the close process.

5 Pre-Close Tasks

HFM Close Tasks: 

Learn five tips for a stress-free month-end close, compiled by our seasoned staff (both administrators and consultants) that have worked at organizations of all sizes.

5 Tips for Month-End Close

HFM Post-Close Tasks:

Download this white paper to learn six proactive activities you should perform during the post-close downtime that will help you stay ahead.

6 Ways to Be Proactive Post-Close

1. HFM Metadata Utility 2.0

Drumroll, please! The HFM Metadata Utility is a free tool that allows you to import HFM metadata files (.app format) into Excel. You’re able to leverage the power of Excel for fast, easy reviews and edits.

Leverage the Power of Excel

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