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Customer Spotlight: How Williamson-Dickie Supports Hyperion Planning

Posted by Craig Kee   |   Managed Services,   |   Hyperion Planning


When an employee decides to leave, it’s tough on any organization. It’s particularly difficult when that employee is a Hyperion administrator — suddenly you’re left without support for complex applications that are essential to your financial operations.

This is what happened to Williamson-Dickie, a Fort Worth-based work wear outfitter, when their admin decided to leave. But what began as a tough situation ended up benefitting the organization. They realized they didn’t have enough work for a full-time admin — instead, they could save time and money by outsourcing Hyperion support to an experienced managed services provider.

In this blog post, we’ll go over some of the ways Williamson-Dickie uses Hyperion managed services to support Hyperion Planning.

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Your Hyperion Administrator is About to Leave... Now What? [Free Checklist]

It’s a fact of corporate life that Hyperion administrators come and go — and it often seems like they’re going more often than they come. In fact, the average tenure of a Hyperion admin is approximately 12–18 months.

Here are some tips to help finance and IT managers minimize the negative impact when a Hyperion admin leaves.

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Hyperion Planning Documentation: Tips for Getting Started


Organizations face high Hyperion administrator turnover, so it’s understandable if your Hyperion Planning documentation isn’t up to date. Documentation is tedious and time consuming. If you’re the new Hyperion admin or filling in until a replacement comes along, you’re probably overwhelmed with where to start.

In this blog post, we’ll go over several tips to help you get started with your Hyperion Planning documentation.

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Inherit a Poorly Documented Hyperion Environment? Use This Checklist

Posted by Craig Kee   |   Managed Services

No matter what Hyperion applications your organization uses, good documentation is integral to system performance. If you don’t have your environment properly documented in an administrator’s guide, inconsistent process execution will most likely cause your applications to run poorly — wreaking havoc on your end users’ experience and diminishing your system’s ROI.

It takes time to put together a properly thorough admin guide, but this level of detail is invaluable to have when your admin leaves or you’re facing a big project, like a migration to the cloud or a major enhancement.

Hyperion administrators are faced with a difficult task when they join an organization, especially when Hyperion applications are poorly documented. This blog post will give admins a starting point when they’ve been dealt a difficult hand.

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2017 Survey Results: Oracle Hyperion Support Needs

Posted by Craig Kee   |   Managed Services

How do your Hyperion support needs compare to other organizations'? The results are in from our annual survey — learn what others have struggled with and how they're solving issues.

In this 2017 report, you'll see results from Hyperion customers and discover:

  • Common reasons why organizations need help supporting Hyperion

  • How these organizations have been able to cut costs and improve operations

  • The types of support that prove to be most valuable to Hyperion customers

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4 Factors That Affect the Cost of Hyperion Managed Services

Posted by Patrick Kimball   |   Managed Services

Let’s face it. Cost is a key factor in decision making — more often than not, it is the factor.

The cost to support and administer a Hyperion environment is expensive. Hyperion managed services can remove the burden of human capital that is focused on non-business-driving administrative tasks and provide you with an alternative solution that fits within your budget. To gauge how much can you save with managed services, keep these factors in mind.

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Hyperion Planning Maintenance: Top 5 Needs from a Managed Services Provider

Hyperion Planning is an Oracle analytical tool that requires frequent maintenance from an experienced administrator. These activities are necessary to reporting accurate financial information for actuals, budgets, and forecasts. Let’s review some of the most common activities in supporting a Planning application that are recurring and ideal for a Hyperion managed services team to both support and optimize for you.

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What Level of Hyperion Support Do I Need? Proactive vs. Reactive Managed Services

Posted by Patrick Kimball   |   Managed Services

A good Hyperion managed services partner should be flexible enough to offer you multiple options to meet the needs of your environment and applications. But first, you must decide what those needs are and how best to address them. Certain jobs and functions can be automated — others cannot. Let’s review some of your options.

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5 Tips for Successful Hyperion Managed Services Onboarding

Posted by Patrick Kimball   |   Managed Services

Once you have chosen the right Hyperion managed services provider, proper onboarding ensures that your expectations are set and met throughout the term of your contract. A good managed services provider will have a thorough onboarding methodology designed to bring them up to speed quickly and prevent potential issues down the road.

Below are a few tips that should be included in every onboarding process, whether you’re needing just a few hours per month for system health checks or end-to-end Hyperion implementation and administration.

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How to Spot Talent & Hire Your Next Hyperion Administrator

Good Hyperion administrators are worth their weight in gold, and many companies are willing to pay that to find and keep the best possible admins. So what exactly makes an outstanding Hyperion administrator? A variety of hard and soft skills. If you’re on the hunt for your next admin, here are some tips on what to look for:

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