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Gartner: Social engineering, big data top security priorities for 2013

Security analyst Rob McMillian says organizations need to educate non-IT professionals about social engineering and understand how to protect data in a recent article for ComputerWorld.

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Big Data: A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Forbes recently reported that, according to Aberdeen Group, 65 percent of business decision makers face a shrinking “decision window.” So if a “picture is worth a thousand words,” then why not make data discovery visual for business users so they can easily analyze and assimilate information? Visualization provides rapid access to data in a format that’s easy for business users to digest and use. According to Aberdeen research, managers that make use of visual discovery tools are 10 percent more likely than their peers to access the information they need in the time necessary to impact decision making. This also impacts IT, as it frees up critical resources to support users more effectively.

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Forbes: These Smart, Social Apps Bring Big Data Down to Size

According to Forbes, large organizations are in love with big data and big analytics. In fact, back in March, IDC forecast that the big data technology and services market is expected to grow from $3.2 billion in 2010 to $16.9 billion in 2015. While it’s been reported that Deloitte estimates the size of the big data market at $1.3-$1.5 billion in 2012. Yet many employees aren’t equipped to harness these insights in their everyday decision making, in part because classic big data relies on at least some business users understanding the location and naming and semantics of the data, not to mention how to structure queries.

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InformationWeek - Beyond the Hype: Big Data Meets BI

InformationWeek reports that Big Data was the big news in New York last week at the sold out Strata Conference. There's a high degree of hype around big data, but there's also a high degree of innovation, tangible benefits, and venture capital backing. Coming from the perspective of the established business intelligence world, here's the skinny on where big data meets BI.

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Wall Street Journal: Netflix Uses Big Data to Improve Streaming Video

According to the The Wall Street Journal, Netflix is all in for Big Data–using it to optimize the quality and stability of its video streams, and to assess customer entertainment preferences, so it can do a better job of targeting its users with offers for shows they might like to see. Those efforts are critical for the company, which made a successful transition from renting DVDs to providing digital video over the last few years, but now faces more competition and pressure on its business.

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New York Times: Big Data is Coming for You

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This morning in a 'Bits' article in The New York Times, Quentin Hardy warned, "Business people, Big Data is coming for you."

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Data Analysis in Education - An Evolution of Connecting Silos


Education has long been an institution of data collection. In the 70s and 80s most report cards were handwritten by the teacher, sent home with the students for their parents to read and sign and return to the teacher to be tucked away until the next marking period. Parents would analyze the data written on the report card to determine if their children were making progress in the curriculum or if they were falling behind other students.

In the late 80s and early 90s the advent of affordable database systems led to a more automated approach to data collection. Teachers were able to enter the student’s marking period grades into a database and hit the print button. They were able to generate report cards instantly for every student. The students were able to take the report card home to the parents and no longer did they have to return the report card to the school for safe keeping. Electronic data storage began in K-12 education.

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InformationWeek: Healthcare Execs Must Prepare for Big Data


Today InformationWeek announced that as the healthcare industry braces for proliferation of information, healthcare execs must stress the need to make data easy to interpret.

Big data, including the advent of genomic medicine, is altering how providers manage information, according to the chief executive of a major West Coast academic healthcare organization.

"Big data is going to change the rules of IT departments and beyond," said Thomas Jackiewicz, who was named senior VP and CEO of Keck Medical Center of the University of Southern California at the beginning of 2012. "We have to become experts at managing data," he said.

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BUZZWORTHY: OpenWorld, Oracle sheds light on Exadata X3


Oracle senior vice president Juan Loaiza took the stage at OpenWorld to provide more details of the next-generation Exadata X3 database machine, which CEO Larry Ellison announced on Sunday.

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OpenWorld: Oracle reveals the 'Swiss Army Knife' of databases


Yesterday Oracle treated OpenWorld conference-goers a guided tour of its new 12c database and its much-buzzed-about Exadata X3 machine, announced on Sunday by CEO Larry Ellison.

The most notable feature of the new 12c, set for release sometime next year, is multitenancy, which enables users to create multiple "pluggable" databases that reside within a single container.

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