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Forbes: Oracle named 'Big Data Tech Stock to Buy Now'

According to a recent article in Forbes, the drastic decline in enterprise IT spending has been horrible for companies that rely on corporate...

Gartner: Social engineering, big data top security priorities for 2013

Security analyst Rob McMillian says organizations need to educate non-IT professionals about social engineering and understand how to protect data...

Big Data: A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Forbes recently reported that, according to Aberdeen Group, 65 percent of business decision makers face a shrinking “decision window.” So if a...

Forbes: These Smart, Social Apps Bring Big Data Down to Size

According to Forbes, large organizations are in love with big data and big analytics. In fact, back in March, IDC forecast that the big data...

InformationWeek - Beyond the Hype: Big Data Meets BI

InformationWeek reports that Big Data was the big news in New York last week at the sold out Strata Conference. There's a high degree of hype...

New York Times: Big Data is Coming for You


This morning in a 'Bits' article in The New York Times, Quentin Hardy warned, "Business people, Big Data is coming for you."

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