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Survey: ‘Big data’ could cut $380 billion from federal budget

A recent survey found that a high percentage of federal and state government IT officials polled believe that real-time “big data" analytics could...

Government Technology: Can Big Data save lives?

Three quarters of state technology leaders and 87 percent of their federal counterparts feel that big data will dramatically impact government...

Nate Silver on big data's future: It's about attitude

When statistician and predictive analytics expert Nate Silver speaks, people pay attention.

The promise and peril of the 'Data-Driven Society'

According to Steve Lohr's recent article in The New York Times, up to now, the focus on the power and implications of Big Data technology has been...

Government IT: SEC chairman lays out big data technology initiatives

Greg Slobodkin writes in his Fierce GovernmentIT article that Understaffed and outspent, the Securities and Exchange Commission is making an...

The hype of big data vs. the reality of analytics

According to Forbes, it’s impossible to browse a news site or attend an industry event without seeing or hearing the phrase “big data” tossed around...
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