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Oracle ACE Program Welcomes US-Analytics' Senior BI Architect

Posted by Michelle Heath   |   Kscope,   |   Oracle Analytics Cloud

US-Analytics' Senior BI Architect was welcomed last week into the worldwide Oracle ACE program, a community of experts recognized for their skills and insights shared throughout the Oracle user community.

Becky Wagner, who's been working with Oracle products since 2011, was awarded the Oracle ACE Associate title at a dinner during Kscope18, an annual conference held by Oracle Developer Tools Users Group (ODTUG). Wagner was nominated for the role in December 2017 by Oracle ACE Director Christian Berg and awarded the title for her involvement in knowledge sharing across several platforms.

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Is Your Data Strategy Defensive or Offensive?

Posted by Michelle Heath   |   OBIEE,   |   Process & Advisory,   |   Oracle Analytics Cloud

Organizations have more data to manage than ever before, and it’s critical to the success of your business to manage that data strategically. But even with data management tools and new roles created to manage that data — most companies have fallen behind, according to a recent article published in the Harvard Business Review.

The numbers to support that claim are even more shocking. Various studies have found that 70 percent of employees can access data that they shouldn’t have access to, and 80 percent of analysts’ time is spent finding and preparing data.

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OAC Tutorial: Setting Up Active Directory

In this OAC tutorial, we’ll go through how to install and configure Microsoft Active Directory. 

If you’re looking for other tutorials to help you get started with OAC, check out the Two-Minute Tutorials for Setting up a Database for OAC and Creating an OAC Instance. We also offer an OAC Boot Camp for those who want to become OAC experts.

In our next Two-Minute Tutorial, we'll cover how to set up single sign-on.

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Two Minute Tutorial: Creating an OAC Instance

In my last tutorial, I walked you through setting up a database for OAC — which you’ll need to do if you haven’t done so already.

In this “two-minute tutorial,” we’ll take you step-by-step, so you can confidently create an OAC instance. As always, check back for more tutorials as we continue to explore the Oracle Analytics Cloud.

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Oracle Analytics Cloud: Metered vs. Non-Metered Services

You’ve been sifting through all the cloud jargon to understand things like the difference between SaaS and PaaS. And, if you’ve found yourself reading this blog post, you’ve most likely already visited Oracle’s Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) page.

There are probably several questions that pop into your head — “Isn’t Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service a SaaS offering? Do I really need all these services in one platform? What’s the difference between non-metered and universal credit services?”

The answer to the first question is that BICS used to be a SaaS offering, until the OAC platform came out. The second question is pretty subjective, but it seems more strategic to have all of your analytics tools on one platform.

The third question is what we’ll be focusing on in this blog post. You’ll get an overview of the differences between metered and non-metered, what’s meant by “universal credit services,” as well as the pricing and what comes with each offering.

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Two Minute Tutorial: Setting Up a Database for OAC

In this “two-minute tutorial,” I’ll walk you through the steps for setting up a database for OAC. This blog post does come with a caveat: while it will probably only take you two minutes or a little longer to set up the database, you have to wait for Oracle to create the database. That might take about 30 minutes.

But, after the half hour is up, you can get to work on your OAC instance, which will be covered in my next blog post.

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Two Minute Tutorial: OAC Creation Error Workaround

OAC: Oracle Analytics Cloud(OAC) Service Creation fails with "PSM-LCM-01008 Unable to create service" Error (Doc ID 2353287.1)

I was unable to find the GUID ID referenced in the above Doc ID — so I fought until I found a way to find it. This is most likely due to the most recent version of OAC and the cloud having slightly different screens and naming for things. In this quick blog post, I’ll go through the steps for a workaround for finding the GUID for your storage containers:

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Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC): Your Questions, Answered!

If you’ve been shopping around for a BI solution or, if you’ve been looking for a BI solution in the cloud, you’ve probably heard about the Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC).

If you’re wanting to learn more about OAC or you stumbled upon this page while searching for business analytics solutions, then this is the blog post for you.

We’ll cover the most frequently asked questions about OAC to give you a better understanding of what this tool can do for you.

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Optimizing OBIEE Performance: How the Experts Do It

Posted by Nicholas Padgett   |   Business Intelligence,   |   OBIEE,   |   Oracle Analytics Cloud,   |   OptimizeBI

 OBIEE performance tuning guides are abundant these days. It seems any developer with a passing knowledge of OBIEE can make suggestions on how to make your reports run faster... "change this variable, disable logging, check this box." But what do the experts say?

Hogwash. "OBIEE performance tuning" implies performance issues can be solved with specific suggestions and solutions. But all customers are different, and thus the solutions are unique. 

So instead of tuning, we optimize. Instead of dictating what must be changed, we work with the business to investigate solutions.

The simplest way to distinguish between tuning and optimizing is to look at the tasks. If the tasks are generalized and boilerplate, we're tuning. If the tasks include environment analysis and comparison of approaches, we're optimizing. Optimization provides true business value, where tuning only provides a facade of improvement.

How do we start optimizing? The best starting place is to have an understanding of where to start looking. Let's begin with best practices.

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Oracle Unveils Data Lake Edition for OAC

Oracle recently announced the Data Lake Edition for Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC). The Data Lake Edition comes with everything that you get in the standard edition of OAC with the added benefit of utilizing data lakes.

In this blog post, we’ll cover everything you need to know about data lakes, including the standard features of OAC and the new features you get with this edition.

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