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ARCS Updates (February 2019): View Size and Last Modified Date of Snapshot, Attribute Field Size Increase & More


The February updates for Oracle's Account Reconciliation Cloud Service (ARCS) are here. In this blog post, we’ll outline new features in ARCS, including the ability to view the size and last modified date of snapshots, larger attribute field size, and more.

We’ll let you know any time there are updates to ARCS or any other Oracle EPM cloud products. Check the US-Analytics Oracle EPM & BI Blog every month.

The monthly update for Oracle ARCS will occur on Friday, February 15 during your normal daily maintenance window.

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Finance Leaders: Solve your Tribal Knowledge Problem

There’s been a lot written about tribal knowledge and how it can stunt your organization’s growth and progress. Most recently, Oracle published a post in their Modern Finance Leader blog about how tribal knowledge can leave your growing company “floundering.”

One thing all these articles have in common is pointing out the issues caused by tribal knowledge — that it creates dependency and inaccuracies. This can be especially true and dangerous for the finance office. So, what specific actions can finance leaders take to solve their tribal knowledge problem? That’s what we’ll be exploring in this blog post.

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Oracle Analytics Cloud Updates (January 2019): Snapshot Enhancements, New Gallery Templates, Aggregate Views & More

Oracle has released the latest features for the Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) platform this month with release 105.10. There are new features across the platform including snapshot enhancement in Service Management, new gallery templates and aggregate views in Essbase, and more.

Read the blog post below for details on the new features. 

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How Financial Controllers Add Value

As the financial controller, you’re focused on managing the accounting department while ensuring transactions are collected or paid. You also must ensure financial reporting is accurately completed, and that your organization is compliant with reporting requirements.

These are the responsibilities you knew when you took the job and the responsibilities that you’ve grown used to completing. But you’re in the position to make valuable changes and improve processes for you, your team, and even the entire organization. In this blog post, we’ll cover five ways in which you can add value.

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4 Factors That Affect the Cost of Hyperion Support Services

Posted by Craig Kee   |   Managed Services

Let’s face it. Cost is a key factor in decision making — more often than not, it is the factor.

The cost to support and administer a Hyperion environment is expensive. Hyperion support services can remove the burden of human capital that is focused on non-business-driving administrative tasks and provide you with an alternative solution that fits within your budget. To gauge how much can you save with support services, keep these factors in mind.

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Finance Leaders, Solve Your Most Pressing Problem by...

Posted by Craig Kee   |   Managed Services,   |   Oracle EPM Cloud,   |   Support Services,   |   Oracle Hyperion

If you’re a finance leader at a large enterprise, there are a few basic goals you’re trying to achieve...

  • Knowing your financials
  • Knowing your balance sheet
  • Improving decision making

As a finance leader, you already know this. Your organization has already implemented an enterprise EPM solution (specifically, Oracle Hyperion or EPM Cloud) to execute your monthly processes faster and improve the quality of work. Though the intentions of this system are great, you’re still not where you need to be. There are slow downs, timely tasks, and IT just doesn’t have the bandwidth to get to your issues fast enough.

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PBCS & EPBCS Tutorial: Using Functions in Smart View

I was recently trying to get the HsGetValue Function to work for a customer and wanted to be able to code either Private or Shared Connections. However, I couldn’t locate documentation specifically for PBCS. Additionally, the documentation examples I found in Oracle’s Documents had some challenges.  

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FCCS Updates (January 2019): Proposed Changes to Application-level Access Control, Renaming Close Manager Feature Set & More

The first updates of 2019 are here for Oracle's Financial Consolidation and Close Cloud Service (FCCS). Though there aren't any new features in this update, there are many new considerations for using the tool as well as come upcoming changes you should be aware of.

The monthly update for FCCS will occur on Friday, January 18 during your normal daily maintenance window.

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The Top 10 EPM Downloads of 2018

This year was all about thinking strategically — what is going to help your team, your business, and your career more forward? We created a lot of content to help get you in a strategic mindset, and this blog post will help you continue that outlook into the new year.

These are the top 10 downloads of 2018...

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PBCS & EPBCS Updates (December 2018): Advanced Data Maps in Strategic Modeling, Creating Custom Depreciation and Amortization Methods in EPBCS & More

The December updates for Oracle's Planning & Budgeting Cloud Service (PBCS) and Enterprise Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (EPBCS) are here! This blog post outlines several new features, including advanced Data Maps in Strategic Modeling, creating custom depreciation and amortization methods in EPBCS, and more.

The monthly update for PBCS and EPBCS will occur on Friday, December 21 during your normal daily maintenance window.

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