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Getting the Buy-in for Oracle EPM Managed Support Services

If you’re not a decision maker in your organization, it can be difficult to convince management to invest in a change. This is especially true if...

Your Oracle EPM Administrator is About to Leave... Now What? [Free Checklist]

It’s a fact of corporate life that Oracle EPM administrators come and go — and it often seems like they’re going more often than they come. In fact,...

Hyperion Support Services: Nightmare or Dream Team?

When it comes to support services horror stories, we’ve heard it all. Organizations have approached us looking for a new provider because they’ve...

5 Misconceptions About Oracle EPM Managed Services

When we talk to finance and IT teams that don’t outsource support for Hyperion or Oracle EPM Cloud applications, it’s typically because: 1) They had...

I’m in the Oracle EPM Cloud… Why Would I Need Support Services?

Not having to deal with infrastructure is probably a huge reason for your organization moving to the Oracle EPM cloud. You no longer have to worry...

4 Factors That Affect the Cost of Oracle EPM Managed Services [ROI Calculator]

Let’s face it. Cost is a key factor in decision-making — more often than not, it is the factor. The cost to support and administer an Oracle EPM...
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