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US-Analytics and MindStream Strategically Align to Improve & Expand Solutions to bring Digital...


The Value and Impact of EPM in the Evolving CFO Role

Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) is a critical aspect of any business. Without it, you'd lack the insight into key areas for improvement.  EPM...

Match Group joins US-Analytics for Oracle EPM Innovation Day


Oracle Offers Free Financial Planning Tools For One Year

Amidst the global pandemic, Oracle announced that it is providing free access to Oracle Financial Statement Planning and Strategic Modeling to all...

OAC Obfuscation Functionality Help Comply With Security Policies

Oracle Analytics allows us to quickly create and then apply data preparation and enrichment scripts to our data sets.  These scripts can be used in...

OAC – Live Data Source vs Autonomous Data Warehouse

There are two ways to do OAC - sitting directly on the source live or sitting on a data warehouse database (autonomous). What are the reasons to go...
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