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Does EPM/BI Project Methodology Really Matter? Waterfall vs. Agile vs. Blended

This is the age of packaged applications that quickly solve business problems, promising fast time to market or deployment. Articles found across formal business journals, popular business magazines, and technical blogs call out speed of delivery and customer interaction as the mantra for enterprise software implementation.

Agile methodologies (and there are several) are often used by software developers to deliver the latest applications. Because of the flexibility and collaboration sited from an agile approach, these methods have become preferred during software development or implementation.

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EPM Project Management: 7 Essentials of a Good Status Report


You are now the sponsor of a new EPM project at your organization. This project is transformational for your department and affects a lot of company stakeholders. And, adding further pressure, the project has a lot of visibility with senior executive leadership within your organization. While you’ve chosen what you believe is a good implementation partner… you’ll need to know what and how to report on project status for both the tactical project and strategic executive team.

How will you know what information makes a good status report? How will you present information to the project team that establishes credibility and sets a tone for leadership? How will you know what the leadership team needs to judge that the project is a success? A lot is riding on this project’s success!

This blog post will give you the knowledge to keep your project on track and report effectively to your leadership team. It’s going to arm you for success — prepare to climb that ladder.

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The Secret to a Successful Project, Part 3: What to Expect From an Implementation Partner


We’ve talked about the first key to a successful EPM or business analytics project: understanding your project’s unique complexity gap. And we’ve talked about how to create a gap analysis and assess the potential effort that your project will require.

Once these two items are complete, the next step in this process is to select an Oracle Hyperion implementation partner. To help you evaluate prospective implementation partners, this blog post will detail the three most important selection criteria and how to predict success in those areas.

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The Secret to a Successful Project, Part 2: Closing the Complexity Gap by Understanding People, Process, and Technology


We’ve talked about the first key to a successful project: understanding your project’s unique complexity gap.

The next step focuses on analyzing the current maturity of your organization (using the EPM maturity model) against the goals of the project. The outcome is a gap analysis, which measures the effort required to close those gaps and achieve a successful outcome. The gap analysis is the starting point to minimizing risk and maximizing the benefits of the project.

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The Secret to a Successful Project, Part 1: The Complexity Gap


Customers often ask, “What can we do to make sure our project will be a success?” Sometimes this question is so important to a client that they will go the extra mile to pay for advisory services (from, say, the Big 4 consulting firms) to help them answer the question. Well, from my experience in Big 4 and answering just this sort of question, there are three key areas that determine whether your project will be a success.

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US-Analytics to Present at Oracle EPM Innovation Day: Capital Spend Modeling Success

US-Analytics is excited to announce that we will be participating in Oracle EPM Innovation Day next week in Houston, Texas. At this annual event, thought leaders share findings on how they've driven business transformation using innovative Oracle EPM solutions. This year, Oracle's latest research will reveal how the office of the CFO can be a catalyst for change across an organization through effective enterprise collaboration.

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3 Must-Dos For Hyperion EPM Implementations & Support

The Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) suite is a powerful, comprehensive, enterprise-level IT ecosystem for managing and monitoring organizations’ business planning, financial management and reporting, and business intelligence. As an industry-leading EPM product that’s been around for many years, Hyperion has well-established best practices regarding what works and what doesn’t for implementation and support.

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US-Analytics Selected to Present at Oracle Open World 2014

See US-Analytics' own Jon Rambeau, Vice President of Delivery, present on the challenges that EPM implementations present and best practices for these large scale projects. After nearly 25 years as a leader and pioneer in the EPM marketplace, Rambeau has a unique 360-degree perspective as a customer, vendor, and a software executive.

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Oracle Endeca Webinar: Business Cases for Improved Information Discovery

In a world that measures data by the Terabyte, there are new approaches to Business Intelligence that enhance information discovery.

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Hyperion Planning + Essbase, Live Dallas Training


US-Analytics and 123OLAP invite you to participate in these courses designed to take students through the step-by-step process of developing and implementing a Hyperion Planning application. Upon completion of these courses, students will be able to:

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