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FDMEE Tutorial: Search Icon Missing from Select Point of View Dialog Box

With numerous clients upgrading to EPM and migrating from FDM Classic to FDMEE, one issue we’ve heard repeatedly is that the search icon...

FDMEE Tutorial: How to Install PSE 22506614

In my previous blog post FDMEE Map Monitor Reports (Finally!), I demonstrated how to enable this new functionality included in FDMEE patch...

Tutorial: FDMEE Map Monitor Reports (Finally!)

One of the features missing in FDMEE to achieve parity with FDM Classic is Map Monitor Reports, which for numerous clients is a key internal / SOX...

FDMEE Tutorial: How to Utilize Essbase as a Source

In previous FDMEE tutorials, we've talked about how to utilize HFM as a source and how to utilize Essbase as a Target. One of the enhancements to...

FDMEE Patch Release: PSU

FDMEE Patch Number 20648390 (also known as PSU lists 42 defects fixed in this patch based on the included Readme as well as new...

When Should You Upgrade to Oracle Hyperion

Companies today are facing difficult decisions with timing their upgrades for Oracle Hyperion EPM environments as well as the supporting operating...
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