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Category: Data Relationship Governance


The Truth About Oracle DRM Project Costs, Timeframes, and Uses

“But DRM doesn’t do that… does it?” This is a question our consultants hear regularly. Because people are often surprised by the answers to their...

DRM Tutorial: 8 Steps for Adding New DRM Users in Bulk

Recently, I was tasked with adding Users to DRM. The list contained almost 200 users! Inputting the users one-by-one was, in my opinion, not a viable...

The Biggest Challenge in Moving EPM to the Cloud

The industry is buzzing about digital transformation (DT) — the newest term to describe movement from on-premises to off-premises applications....

New Release: Oracle Hyperion Data Relationship Management

If your organization currently has a DRM implementation or is considering purchasing DRM, now’s the time to seriously look at this power suite of...

Comparing MDM Products: Oracle Hyperion Data Relationship Management

There’s a lot of hype in the data governance and master data management (MDM) communities around potential competitors of Oracle Hyperion Data...

Can You Trust Your Organization’s Data? 14 Red Flags

Organizations today are pressed to close their books and reconcile the status of the enterprise as quickly as possible. Diverse reporting views are...
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